We make an

all natural powdered chai mix

inspired by the plains of East Africa and perfected in the mountains of Colorado.

Your stuff is the best I've had from the store. Or the best I've had that wasn't made by actual Indian people from scratch. Amazing that it's instant.
Aaron T., Missoula, MT
Totally unlike anything I have had before. The smokey scent reminds me of peaty whiskies or pu-erh tea. Smells like a third world morning in the best possible way. Anyway, ordered a bunch yesterday going to send it to everyone I know for Christmas.
Peter B., Port Townsend, WA
The chai tastes wonderful... The smokey flavor reminds me of being around a campfire.
Elizabeth B., Parker, CO

Ours is not your typical chai. It's African chai: smoky, full-bodied, peppery. If you're used to ginger-heavy chai — prepare to never go back.

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