The chai you're about to order was born on the plains of East Africa in the eighties.
As a teenager, I helped out with an ecological field study in Kenya's Maasai Mara. This involved getting up at an ungodly hour every morning, huddling under wool blankets in the open back of an old (Russian?) army surplus truck, and bouncing away into the darkness towards that day's study site.
Tucked along the sides of that truck were old beat up thermoses full of of chai, made every morning by Maasai camp aides.
So it was in the 'Mara, shivering in the pre-dawn coolness of the African savannah, that I learned to appreciate just how good a cup of warm, peppery sweet chai can be for the soul. Sadly, once I moved away, I could never find the chai I remembered:
the smoky notes from steeping over a pre-dawn fire, the soft kiss of cinnamon, the sting of pepper...
After settling in Colorado, I continued to make this Kenyan chai for myself on my backcountry ski outings and multi-day backpacking trips.
I made the chai I remembered, because I couldn't find it anywhere.
Over the years I created a chai recipe that recaptures that Maasai Mara magic, but in powdered form: just add water. This means I can take Backcountry Chai backpacking, skiing, or hiking. I can brew a cup at a moment's notice in my kitchen.
I'm pretty sure you'll find nothing else like it.
Unless you're headed to the 'Mara. In which case, say hi. I miss that place.

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